Thursday, January 1, 2099

Why is Fang Zhouzi the evilest individual on the Internet

1. Fang discloses personal information of his targets, subjecting them to real-life harassment and intimidation.

In 2012, Fang posted on his microblog the cell phone number of Luo Yonghao, an entrepreneur who criticized Fang. After receiving a litany of hate messages and calls, Luo had to give up using his number.

When Shenzhen Television did a series of investigations on Fang's campaigns in 2012, Fang was unhappy about their portrayal of him. He posted the name and personal history of the Station's director, phone number of the reporter,  and the station and its staff were inundated with abuses. Eventually, barely 4 days after its premiere, the series was pulled off air.

In May 2012, when Fudan University professor Shen Yifei expressed support for writer Han Han (a target of Fang) in her class, Fang posted her department chair's phone number and email address, mobilizing his fans to report Prof. Shen. Shen suffered a lot of verbal abuse on her microblog.

In June 2012, Fang disclosed the personal information (including where she lives) of Yi Tian, a female writer who criticized Fang and his wife, Liu Juhua (suspected of plagiarizing her master thesis).

In 2011, Fang disclosed  the identity of reporter Shi Feike, who contacted him in early 2010 to inquire about the authenticity of qualifications of Wang Lijun, who claimed to be a world-renowned scholar. Wang at the time was the Police Chief of Chongqing Municipality and Bo Xilai's right hand man. As a result,  Shi Feike was investigated by guobao (China's Secret Police), under Wang's direction.


The above are just a very small part of what Fang did in his decades of career.

2. Fang shows a complete contempt of the Court and the Law

Fang provided false address to a Court of Law:

In 2007, when Fang was tried in Beijing Court for libel, he provided his US address as "9590 Gold coast San Diego 92126". There is only a "Gold Coast Drive" in San Diego (no Avenue, Street... etc.),  yet according to USPS, this address is non-deliverable, and according to Google Map, it is actually a park(notice the houses' addresses all end in odd number, so "9590" is the park)

What kind of man would give the Court a false address? If Mr. Fang did it in America, would he be prosecuted?

When the judgement came out, Fang immediately posted it to his blog. However, he deleted his (false) address from the judgement, yet leaving the addresses of his opponents intact. Moreover, he claimed that that was the "complete" judgement. He lied. He was afraid to show even his false address to the public.

Moreover, when Fang was convicted of libel by Wuhan Court in 2006, he posted humiliating remarks about the judge, Lu Ying, on his website. Among them, one called for the judge to be killed ("法官"能无耻到吕X 者可以殊之), another called the female judge "was giving a blowjob" 武汉有吕氏,公堂猛吹箫).

In an 2012 interview, Fang said he was never going to apologize to someone he libeled, even if the Court sentenced him to do so, because "I don't see where I'm wrong."

Can Fang's contempt to the Court be more manifest?

3. Fang holds extreme animosity towards the religion of Christianity

Fang considers the Holy Bible to be a book that "blatantly propagates sex and violence" and Jehovah a “murderous demon”. He claims that Christianity is the "cancer" of Western civilization, and "this cancer is now spreading its most venomous part to China".

As for Jesus Christ, Fang asserts that "there is no credible historical sources proving that Jesus of Nazareth ever existed". Fang also claims Jesus is a person who "discriminates against disabled people", is "heartless", "hypocritical", "violent" and a "hopeless liar".


What was shown above is just the tip of the iceberg of Fang's wickedness. If  the reader wishes to know more,  Dr. Ge Xin and Dr. Liao Junlin's English articles are a good starting point.

In conclusion, the author wants to say that he has surfed the Internet for decades, but never has he encountered an individual as vile, evil and repugnant as Mr. Fang.

Mr. Fang Zhouzi